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​The Truth about Silicone, Sulfates, and Parabens (Part 1)

Rooted in science, a strong marketing trend pushing natural and organic products has quite literally taken over the shelves at cosmetics stores across the globe. As we see new packaging touting “Paraben Free”, “Sulfate Free”, and “Silicone Free”, we wonder why companies are advertising the absence of these ingredients as a good thing. With conflicting evidence in studies and [...]

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Last Minute Valentine's Day Hairstyles

Valentine’s day is upon us! Our nails are done, our outfits picked out, reservations made, and we can’t wait to try outour new lipstick, but if you’re anything like us you haven’t decided on a hairstyle!  With so many hairstyle options, the struggle is real! Lucky for you, we’ve scoured the trends and put together 4 styles that will [...]

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Cold Weather Hair Care

Though most of us are ready for spring, winter doesn’t officially end until March 2oth. The cold, dry air of winter puts extra stress on our hair and requires special attention in order to keep it healthy. Follow these 5 tips for cold weather hair care and you’ll be able to bring healthy, sexy hair into spring! Condition with CarePutting on [...]

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German vs Japanese Shears

German-style shears have non-honed, beveled blades which are serrated to grip hair. "German-style" and "beveled" are interchangeable terms. Beveled shears produce a crisp cut, are durable and exceptional for dry and taper cutting, pretty good for wet and point cutting, and poor for slide cutting.Japanese-style shears are honed, convex blades with a very sharp, more [...]

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Gifts for Hairstylists

Kenchii Gift Certificates are the simplest way to gift your stylist since you don't need to know exactly what they want. Gift Certifcates are emailed to the recipient upon purchase completion. Gift Certificates act as store credit which does not expire. Your stylist will not need to use the entire amount in one purchase.Registered users [...]

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Kenchii Brushes for 2016

Here are some preproduction snaps of Kenchii's 2016 brushes. Small bristle brush. Each bristle has a central plastic bristle surrounded by boar's hair. Medium bristle brush. Small wood pin brush. Medium wood pin paddle brush. Medium vented boar's hair brush. Small vented brush.

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