Tips For New Cosmetology Students How To Pick The Right Beauty Shears

Tips For New Cosmetology Students How To Pick The Right Beauty Shears

Published by Brent Riggins on 4th Sep 2019

New Cosmetology Students

If you want to be a successful stylist, you have to invest in two things: a good school of cosmetology and quality beauty hair shears.

Talk to any stylist and they will tell you that it is worth investing in good quality shears. A good pair of scissors means better cuts for your customers.

Better cuts for your customers mean more customers in your chair. More customers in your chair means more money in your pocket!

But how do you know which shears to buy? 

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There are thousands of different shears on the market at the moment, all claiming to be the best, which can make it very complicated.

Scissors can also be expensive, with a price ranging from $50 to $500, so choosing the wrong pair can be a costly mistake.

Tips you can use

Here are some tips to choose the perfect pair of scissors:

1.Stainless steel: a pair of good quality shears are made of quality stainless steel. Basically, there are two types of stainless steel used for the manufacture of shears: 440 and 420 (or J2). 420 steel is very soft and very resistant to rust. 440 steel is available in three grades: A, B and C. 440 C is considered the toughest and also the most expensive steel.

2.Hardness classification: the harder the steel, the easier it will be to sharpen the blade to an edge. The sharper the blade edge, the more precise the cut. The Rockwell scale determines the hardness of steel, which for shears generally falls between 48 and 62. The higher the number, the harder the steel will be. 

However, keep in mind that harder steel seems to be more fragile. You will quickly lose the advantage and even more easily.

3.Ergonomics: when buying a new pair of shears, the most important thing to consider is how the shears feel in your hand. Incorrect shears can cause carpal tunnel, tendonitis and many other problems with the hands and arms. You can choose from a variety of handle positions (crane handle, bent thumb, swivel thumb), but you won't know which one is right for you until you try them.

4.Beauty Shear maintenance: the opaque shears will bend the hair, causing uneven edges and split ends. Your shears should be sharpened once or twice a year.

They will really last longer if sharpened regularly. In addition to sharpening them, they must also be cleaned, lubricated and balanced daily.

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