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Different Hair Shears And What You Need To Know

Posted by Brent R. on

Hair shears: an overview of the different types and variations of hair shears

When it's time for a stylist or hairdresser to get all the tools they need, one is rarely forgotten. Hair cutting shears are the most vital tool that will be in a hair professional's toolbox and buying the right one is essential.

As styles and trends change, having good hair cutting shears will give you the ability to adapt and get the styles your customers want. When you buy new hair shears, there are many different options to choose from.

Quick facts: most professionals do not understand that the handle of shears are as important as the blade.

Although it is easy to think that the blade is the most critical part, the handle is just as vital!

What are the differences between the types of hair shears?

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Offset handle

This design seems to be extremely popular among stylists and barbers. The thumb handle is shorter, which helps reduce any over extension that may occur to the thumb with some types of handle. This style helps create a "more open hand" when cutting.

Straight (or opposite) handles

If you are a hair professional who cuts with your middle finger and thumb, this is an excellent mango style for you. Although it is not an ergonomically designed handle, it is the oldest type of shears handle on the market.

The straight handle scissors from our Five Star series are a good choice of straight-handle hair scissors.

5.5 inches. Straight handle

6.5 inch straight handle

7.5 inches. Straight handle

Crane style handle

This type of handle is the most ergonomic on the market and hair professionals agree.

The displacement in this type of handle is considered "extreme" and helps position the elbow to relieve stress on the wrist and shoulders.

An option for Crane-style hair shears are Blackjack Duo Shear.

Types of blade

When looking for a new pair of hair shears, you will most likely find three different types of blades. These include the convex edge, the semi-convex edge and the beveled blades.

Convex border

The processing of this type of cut is very "laborious" and the process is not easy. However, shears with a convex edge are exceptionally smooth and provide a precise cut that is difficult to achieve with other types of blades.

The edges of the convex shears are incredibly sharp and require less force when cutting hair. It should be noted that this type of shears with convex edges requires much more care than the other blades.

An excellent choice for convex edge hair shears is the Evolution.

Semiconvex edge

Shears with these edges are considered a hybrid of convex and beveled shears. The beveled edge is narrower, but it is not considered a real blade with convex edges.

Beveled edge

This style of blade is one of the oldest designs for blades in hair scissors. The cutting experience is excellent and helps a lot in style. It should be clear that these types of edges require more resistance when cutting.

When it comes to having a shear that lasts for many years, it is known that the beveled edges have excellent durability.

This durability comes from the thickness of the edge of the blade. Although for more advanced techniques and cutting styles, these blades would not be the best option.

An excellent option for hair shears with a beveled edge is the Bumble Bee Straight shear.

Shears for thinning against consistency

A common confusion among hair professionals is the difference between thinning and texturing scissors. Here we will briefly review the differences to help you make the right purchase for the style of cut and the method you want to achieve.

Shears for texturing

The shears designed for texturing are generally equipped with 10-24 teeth that are positioned further apart. When the teeth are more separated, it means that more hair is cut and is an excellent option for bangs or some styling techniques.

These shears are used when a hairstyle needs more "lifting" and can easily help you get the look you want.

Thinning shears

If you need to blender shear marks, thinning shears are an excellent tool. By having thinner teeth than texturizing scissors, they remove less hair, which is excellent for combing and removing the "mass" or "weight" of the hair.

Tips to keep shears to keep hair Properly caring for shears is essential for them to behave as they should and last for many years. Here are some things you should do to keep your shears in perfect working order.

Be sure to grease the shears every day (especially in the screw area). Use only shears to cut hair! Trying to cut another type of material could cause twists or bends in the blade.

When you lower the shears, the holes are always closed. Open shears can easily bend or cause injury to you or a customer. To check for notches on the blade, gently use the tip of the nail to run along the edges of the blade.

The typical tool belt for hair professionals

All hair professionals have their tools and techniques they trust.

However, the average stylist or barber has five different devices in his toolbox.

The included tools and devices may vary from person to person. Below are the five essential shears and tools for a hairdresser or hairdresser.

Main shear: these shears are generally 5.5 or 6 inches long.

These are generally "go to" shears for barbers and hairdressers.

shears for thinning: thinning shears can be different in different ways, including 27-40 teeth. They are ideal for mixing and removing lines after cutting.

Texturing shears: they can vary from 10 to 24 teeth. These are great if the need to eliminate any "weight" or the need to increase the "volume" of the hair.

Long shears: long shears are generally 6 to 7 inches long. They are used for more advanced cutting techniques. These hair cutting techniques include comb scissors, deep tip cutting and blunt cutting for intensive use.

Narrow blade shears: These blades are generally 5-5.5 inches long and narrower than other blades. They are ideal for more complex jobs that require more details.

These are the basic differences in the many types and types of hair scissors. With many different options, it is better to find the type of hair shears and the design you prefer. With good maintenance, the hair shears they choose can last for many years.

What hair shears do you prefer? Let us know today! We love to hear from the affected people are their "Go to" hair shears and why.

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