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What If I Drop My Hair Shears

Posted by Brent Riggins on

Hair Stylist Shear Care

Hair shear are very important tools for people working in the cosmetology sector.

Stylists, barbers and hair care professionals who take their work seriously often pay hundreds of dollars for every pair of shears, string trimmers or thinners they own. 

When these expensive precision cutting tools strike or fall for some reason, tool owners often show concern about the condition of their hair cutting tools.

Why hairdressing shears must be handled with care:

Kenchii hair dressers shears are made to include exact angles for cutting.

When these required angles are altered through inadequate sharpening techniques or the sheets are misaligned by a fall, the cutting tools will not function properly.

Many people believe that their precision cutting tools will be further damaged if they are used while the angles or alignments of the required blades are not properly adjusted.

Whenever a pair of shears or scissors are hit or dropped to cut quality hair, these tools must be sent back to Kenchii to see a qualified company representative for inspection.

Sharpening Specifications

All our shears even the most expensive hair shears come with factory sharpening specifications that can be used by any qualified sharpening service.

However, when the hair shears fall, the positioning of the blades and the alignments are complicated problems that we at Kenchii manage better.

Blade Alignment 

When the blade alignments have moved out of position during a fall, trained repair professionals must inspect or replace the fittings on damaged cutting devices.

When we are used for this service, all the necessary parts and special tools will be available in our workshops, and this helps keep user costs to a minimum. 

The general sharpening services are not always ready to perform branded repairs.

Best Practices 

The best practices for scissor droplets always include careful drying with a soft cloth to remove all foreign debris from the cutting surfaces.

Fallen hair shears are wrapped with a bubble wrap and packed in boxes to be sent to a qualified repair service that specifically deals with the brand of the shear that needs repair. 

Professional level hair shears must be protected before shipment and sent via a mail service that offers a delivery confirmation plan.

Our new styling shears are sold with useful guarantees and service agreements.

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