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How to Grip Your Hair Shears

Posted by Brent Riggins on

How To Grip Hair Shear Like A Pro

The first thing that hairdressers learn when they are training is that they hold the shears correctly. Here are some methods to gribbing hair shears, but in the end, the grip should be what makes the hair artist more comfortable.

The proper grip for professional hair cutting is important because: You can obtain more precise and get good cuts with a good grip. Tension in the wrist is minimized, which helps avoid injury and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Gripping Your Hair Shears

There are some correct cutting techniques, that differ in the style of cut you may made. Some professionals believe that stylists should stick to a fixation for all haircuts, but this can be dangerous since some cuts require you to hold the scissors differently to be more comfortable.

Before entering the hair shear market, it would be wise to learn more about the general design of hair shears. This would help new hair stylist understand how they should best grasp the hair shears.

The Anatomy Of The Shears

Most of those who read this know the basic anatomy of a hair shear, but only to refresh everything so you can count the parts of the shear to cut the hair.

There's the handle, with your finger in your hand.

The two blades, or teeth in case of thinning, and a screw to hold the two parts.

In the latest models of shears, the screw is adjustable so that stylists can adjust the level of friction to your liking.

Another part, which is only present in some, is called tang. It comes out of one of the handles. It helps to better grip the shear and allows the support to always maintain the balance of the cut.

Traditional Hair Shear Grip

The traditional or western grip is a very popular grip method among professional hairdressers. In the United States it is commonly taught in all training schools because it is possible to perform any type of cut with this method and can also perform most of the cutting techniques.

The thumb and the ring finger are used in this socket, with the ring finger on the finger holding it with the tongue. The other fingers can rest comfortably on top of the shear. The shear is closed and opened with the movement of the thumb, only a minimum movement is required to operate the shear. This gives you more control over the hair shears, compared to when you cut your hair with the movement of your fingers.

Gripping hair shears

Eastern Hair Shear Grip

The eastern is slightly different from the western grip. In this socket, the index finger and thumb are used to hold the cut, while the rest of the fingers are used to keep the finger in balance. The similarity between the two handles is that only the thumb is used to maneuver the scissors in the oriental method.

The oriental grip is useful when you cut your hair or perform a slip, since it exerts less pressure on your hand and wrist. Many hair artists prefer this grip for precise cuts.

This grip is not widely taught, but it can be mastered after spending time with fake hair. These are the two most common types of grip; you can master them with practice and use them when necessary.

What is your favorite way to grip your hear shears?

Let us know......

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