​6 Features All Barbers Should Want In Their Hair Trimmers

​6 Features All Barbers Should Want In Their Hair Trimmers

Posted by B. Riggins on 7th May 2020

When it comes to the clippers that barbers use, there are usually some specific things they want to see on the product. A good barber will not buy just any old trimmer and expect the best. They have a business focused on hair care and beard shaving, so their clippers should be at the top of the range. Let's find out what a barber looks for when buying a good trimmer: what do the best trimmers have?

Features of barber clippers

When it comes to hair clippers used by barbers, they use only the best available. After all, they need to have the best equipment to do a good job and retain customers. Let's talk about some of the most important features that every barber will consider when buying a trimmer to use on customers.

Cut Power

good trimmer power

One of the most important things a barber seeks is the power of the clipper in question. The best trimmers will have a high power motor capable of cutting large amounts of thicker hair with absolute ease. In this regard, one thing that barbers always keep in mind is that the trimmers must remain cool to the touch; they can get a little hot if there is a lot of work, but they must not burn and kill the motor. If they start to get too hot, the barber may find that the engine is working overtime and may run out.

Running time

Another thing barbers always look for when they buy clippers is how long they can work with one charge. A good pair of clippers should be able to last at least 60 minutes on a single charge before they need to change or recharge the battery. Many barbers still use wire clippers. Yes, wires can be a bit of a hindrance sometimes, but you never have to worry about having to charge the battery or the trimmer dying in the middle of a cutting session. That really depends on the preference of the barber in question.

The blades

clipper blades

There are a couple of different types of blades, most of which follow the general pattern. The difference is not in how the teeth look, but how many teeth the blade has. Barbers like blades with many teeth, as they tend to work faster and be more precise. It is also important to keep you trimmers sharp and blades clean. However, this is not the important part. What is important is that the barber gets a pair of razors with self-sharpening blades. Many will look for stainless steel blades because they are resistant to moisture and rust, which is an obvious advantage, no doubt.


Also, in relation to blades, the machines used by professional barbers must be safe. A customer will not come back for the second shift after a barber has made him bleed. Yes, accidents happen, but that's why barbers look for razors with rounded blades. These blades are great for cutting hair, but they can't cut skin. At the same time, there should be some sort of guide or safety cone to protect sensitive ears and membranes from cutting.

Length options

One of the most important features that every barber looks for when buying a razor is the number of different length options that the model in question has. Most barbers look for at least 5 or 6 different length options, from almost total hair removal to a couple of inches long. This length is also good for home use and personal styling. Simply put, different clients want and require different hair lengths, which means that the guide combs should reflect this. In the same vein, a hairdresser will always look for a haircut that has guide combs that are easy to change. If a hairdresser works with a client and has many people lined up, he does not want to spend several minutes fiddling with the cutter just to change the length of the comb.

trimmer blades


Now, this is a kind of general statement, but barbers are looking for durable, long-lasting trimmers. Most barbers are willing to spend a few extra dollars on a pair of scissors that will last a long time. This applies to the blades, motor, handle, guide, safety features and more. In short, a good barber is willing to invest instead of buying cheap razors that break down after a few uses.

What Barbers Should Think About 

After all, it's safe enough to say that barbers use razors that are good. It may sound like fun, but barbers will look for the best clippers with the highest level of durability and more options. There are many different models that fit the list, but all should have the essential features described above.