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"...Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We believe that each customer deserves our personal attention. We are proud to offer you the finest products in the industry. With every Kenchii purchase you get the best value for your money."

Sammy Cheema

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  • Kenchii Beauty
  • 888-453-6244
  • P.O. Box 440098 Kennesaw, GA 30160 USA United States of America
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Level 5 : US$1295 - $4500

Level 5 products are the ultimate in design, luxury and performance. Each piece is custom created and takes about 6-8 weeks to finish. Our proprietary blend of the world's finest metal is combined with the best alloys available in the world today. Tungsten and vanadium is added to produce a fine, yet dense steel grain structure. It just doesn't get any better than this. Rockwell: 60--63

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