Simple Guide To Maintenance Your Hair Clippers

Simple Guide To Maintenance Your Hair Clippers

Published by B. Riggins on 7th May 2020

A couple of good quality hair clippers will not only save you a lot of money and time, but will also last you many years if you take care of them.

If your hair trimmers are used frequently, you really need to make sure that they are in good working condition.

A little basic care and maintenance, from time to time, will keep your hair clippers at peak performance.

The Best Trimmer Care Guide 

Follow these tips to keep your clippers in the best shape and keep them shape!

Keep the blades clean

Before you start cutting your hair or someone else's, make sure the blade area is clean and all hair and debris has been removed.

Most barber clippers for cutting are equipped with a small brush and a cleaning kit.

These brushes look too small and brittle to me.

I prefer to use an old, stiff toothbrush to get into the "corners".

You can also use a wire brush, a cheap nail brush or a hair brush, as long as they are strong enough.

Brush all haircuts and debris in the leaf area.

These small deposits can act like sand if they are between the leaves and the teeth of the leaves.

If left unchecked, they can cause damage to the blades and blunt them.

Brush everything. Blowing hard into the area will also help.

Make sure the blade is properly aligned

This step is particularly important if you intend to cut other people's hair or if you use a hair clipper in a beauty salon.

Every time you go to use the clipper, hold it to the side and look along the length.

The blades should be parallel to the blade of the cutter or slightly back.

There should be no protruding teeth and the blade should be perfectly straight. A crooked blade or missing tooth could easily cut you or a customer.

Clippers with removable blades are easier to work with and they require less work.

You may need to use a Phillips screwdriver to loosen the blade screws.

There is no need to remove them, just loosen them so that there is enough "give" to put the blade back in place.

Be careful when tightening the screws again or you may deflect the blade.

Alternate each screw to ensure that the blade does not twist and become crooked.

When all screws are tightened, visually check again to make sure the blade is even and correctly aligned.

Turn on the cutter and slide the blade slightly over your finger or hand to make sure it is properly aligned.

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Oiling every cut, every time

This is essential for the care and maintenance of your cutter blade.

A well-oiled clipper will last you many years.

The main cause of breakage in a good quality cutter is a lack of oil.

hair clipper oil

Your cutter should be supplied with the right oil, but you will need more.

The rule is simple: every time you use your cutter, you should apply a little oil.

Make it as regular as the ignition. If you do, you won't forget.

It's like brushing your teeth without toothpaste, you'd never do it!

Apply a drop of oil on each corner of the moving blade and a few drops in the middle, on the blade teeth.

Turn on the cutter and let it run for a few seconds so that it spreads evenly.

Wipe off the excess oil and you're good to go.

Be careful not to apply too much oil, as it can attract a lot of dust, dirt and hair clippings.

This will turn into a sludge and clog the blade.

If the oil is not enough, the leaf will dry out and start pulling and dragging, leaving it dull.

The spray cutter is a legal requirement for barbers and salons in the United States. It keeps the leaves fresh and prevents the client from burning and, most importantly, disinfects the leaf.

It also reduces blade wear and extends blade life.

Clipper spray helps protect against rust, which is important in salons and barber shops that have a wet and humid atmosphere.

It is good practice to spray the clipper in front of the customer. This shows your professionalism and cleanliness.

It is not so important if you only use the cutter for your haircuts, but I still recommend using the cutter spray, especially if you buy one of the best professional cutters such as the Oster Classic 76.

Changing the blade

Changing the clipper blade is a rare occurrence and should only be done once or twice during the life of the clipper.

If the procedure described above is followed, the cutter blade will last a long time.

But there may be times when you need a new blade.

You may accidentally drop the cutter and damage it, or chip one of the teeth.

What you ask a barber need to know.

Spraying the Clipper

It's best to buy replacement blades when you buy the cutter.

That way you know you have the right one and it will be available as soon as you need it. No drama if you need a haircut that day.

If you use your spare blade, buy another one now and put it in your drawer, ready for any other mishaps!

Here's a nice video that shows you how to properly maintain your haircut:

Keep Your Hair Tools In Good Care

It is easy to keep the shearer in good condition if the above steps are followed.

Make it part of your cutting routine and you'll have a trouble-free cutter for years to come.

If you have any comments or questions about the care and maintenance of your cutter, leave them below.

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