Kenchii Black Scissors For Professional Stylist | Black Jack Set

Kenchii Black Scissors For Professional Stylist | Black Jack Set

10th Jun 2020

Facts about Kenchii Black Jack Hair Scissor Set

Well, if you cut hair with dull scissors, it'll fray, split and damage your hair. Not with these black scissors.

More notes on features:

  • the crane design supports a good natural grip,
  • the tension of the scissors is easily adjustable with a rotary knob,
  • good average length, which makes them quite versatile, and
  • are very comfortable in your hand.

If you are looking for something comfortable and reliable, consider this.

Comfortable Scissors

The thumb does a lot of lifting during a cut, so a lot of research has been done to improve comfort and reduce stress on the thumb. Some of the thumb ring designs you will find on the market today are the standard flat thumb, the cut thumb, the bent or anatomical thumb, and the rotating thumb.

For convenience, look for a cut, a bent or anatomical thumb, or the rotating thumb. This allows for a more natural angular position for the thumb. The standard flat thumb ring is one of the oldest styles and is the least comfortable. However, sometimes left-handed people prefer this style because they can use it easily.

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