Kenchii Shape Shifter Shear with Swivel and Adjustable Thumb Ring

Kenchii Shape Shifter Shear with Swivel and Adjustable Thumb Ring

Published by B. Riggins on 15th Jul 2020

Once you get used to a specific type of scissors, it can be difficult to try something new. The problem is that if you never try something new, you will miss out on many of the technological advances that make your job easier.

That's why you should try our Shape Switcher rotating beauty scissor for barbers and hairdressers. They offer the flexibility to cut hair from any angle and give you the control you want to create the best hairstyles for your clients.

Cutting With The Best Blade

The goal of these swivel hair shears was to stay a step ahead in barbering tool design. The Hitachi 440C forged steel blade and a handle that actually rotates to give you the best cut, facilitating precision cutting regardless of angle.

They are extremely lightweight and easy to use, and cut hair quickly, whether wet or dry. The rotation function also helps with wrist and thumb fatigue.

The Swivel Thumb Handle

What separates these scissors is the 360-degree rotating thumb. You can achieve extremely fast horizontal action without worrying about your thumb getting in the way. It's a natural position that moves with you, eliminating any strain of hours of cutting at an angle.

Another factor you'll notice is that your elbow lowers and relieves stress on your shoulder.

The Adjustable Handle

Kenchii Shape Swifter has also designed these with an adjustable sliding thumb. This is to help reduce pain in your hand and give you a more comfortable feel.

This shear gives you a better grip, so your cuts are always extremely precise. These scissors are available with 5.5-inch and 6-inch blades, and are equipped with a semi-convex edge with a sliding cut. With this package you will also receive free finger inserts, shear oil and a cleaning cloth.

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