Are you a beginner who is trying to perfect hairstyle skills?

Are you a beginner who is trying to perfect hairstyle skills?

Published by Brent Riggins on 6th Sep 2019

Beginner Shears For Cosmetology Students 

Or are you a stylist, just out of school and looking for suitable scissors? In both cases, this article is for you. Choosing the right type of hair scissors at affordable prices is not an easy task. When you are looking for the perfect hair scissors, you will face many challenges.

The people around you will advise you, so you should know exactly who you should trust. You need good quality professional hair shears, Kenchii shears, blades won't need to be sharpen as much as most shears and are a great price.

hair shears

As someone who has just started, you may even find it difficult to try to find out exactly what type of hair shears you need.

The following are several types that you can use:

Hair Shears

Straight shears are basic hair scissors that cosmetology students use to practice. Therefore, these will probably be the first type with which there is some experience.

Make sure you have a pair because they are quite useful. You can start working with them, then slowly other skills and use different types of shears.

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There are two types: long straight shears and short straight shears. Longer ones work better when you lift your hair, using a comb, to cut them. This is because, in this way, you can take care of a larger surface without problems.

Short shears can be used to cut hair around the ears and at the back of the neck. The straight scissors are essentially the most basic scissors of any designer and can be used for almost all types of cutting jobs.

Once you're ready to use tools other than the basic ones, you can explore the full range of scissors for combs, pieces, textures and thinners of single and double teeth. You can try one type at a time. This will help you determine exactly which type you need for each job.

What to look for in the perfect pair of hair?

Now, there are many shears available in the market that are affordable and claim to provide a wide range of services.

However, you must be very careful when choosing. Not all shears are strong enough or comfortable to use.

Here are some factors to consider before buying a pair of hair shears:

Size material blades.

Finding the shears that fit your hand correctly is of the utmost importance. Large shears for your hand will be difficult to control and will have a negative impact on the cutting movement.

Now, if the shears are too small, the range of motion will be limited.

Taking into account the size of the scissors, you should also check the size of the rings: the ring finger should fit perfectly, the handle should not go beyond the second knuckle and the thumb ring should extend slightly above the tip of the thumb.

In addition to the issue of comfort, dimensions also play an important role in the type of work you want to do with scissors.

If you want a very fine and precise cutting of the tip, you will need shorter scissors with a limited range, but you can easily check them.

But in any case, you can comfortably use only a pair of hair scissors, if they are the right size. Japanese steel is the best material for hair shears. Even if you are a beginner or a new designer, you should always opt for hair shears with Japanese steel blades. These are much more durable and can cut well than blades made with any other material.

Usually, the two types of blade edges are convex and beveled. Convex blades can be used for any cutting technique and are extremely sharp.

That is why they are not really recommended for beginners, but they can be used by more experienced stylists. Blades with a beveled edge, on the other hand, are light because they are made of alloy.

They also contain micro-clefts that do not allow hair to come out. This makes scissors with beveled blades very convenient for beginners.

Simply consider the above factors and we are sure that you can choose the best hair shears for you.

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