Professional Hairdressing Shears, Student Shears, Barber Shears and More!

Professional Hairdressing Shears, Student Shears, Barber Shears and More!

Published by Brent Riggins on 3rd Sep 2019

Kenchii Shears 

We maintain a dedicated store for student cosmologist with a wide range of supplies and equipment for beauty salons for hairdressers. This includes a carefully selected range of high-value and durable professional hair cutting shears, perfect for those entering the hair and beauty industry. Along with a wide variety of razors in addition, irons, scissor cases, bags and belts.

Finally, check out our special offers, as we often have items available at excellent prices but with limited stocks.

What is special about professional hairdressing shears?

For hairdressers and barbers who’s work daily to cut hair, hair shears should be the most important tools in the industry.

Also called "hair shears", these special professional hairdressing shears that have blades specially designed to cut hair, made of the toughest stainless steel. Shears for cutting hair are different because their blades are sharper than those of standard scissors.

Hair shears for students

"Scissors" generally have sizes that vary from 5 to 7 inches long, often with a finger splint or a "spike." This brace gives the hairdresser much greater control during the cut. With practicality in mind, you may also want to get a shear case to keep your tools protected and easily accessible; After all, you wouldn't buy a cell phone and don’t put on a good protective case on it!

Our brands of scissors

There are numerous brands of professional hairdressing shears available in the United States, UK, Canada and most of them are presented on this website.

We are proud to provide the world’s best shears for the hair and beauty industry with shears like our, Envy Shears, Kenchii Charmer, and Shinobi, Five Star and more.

In addition, we offer high-value beauty shears to students with the best shears available, including the favorites of many famous hairdressers. The shears for direct hairdressers also have a wide variety of thinner shears and left-handed shears.

How do I choose?

Choosing between them can sometimes be difficult. Like any market, all shears are not the same, but without the knowledge of an expert, it is a difficult job to distinguish between one brand and another.

What distinguishes one pair of shears from another within the same range?

Why do some shears feel more comfortable than others?

How often do shears need repair?

How to take you new shears to the next level? Read more

Fortunately, we are here to help you, and with many years of experience, our dedicated support team has the knowledge and experience of the product to help you with these essential tools for trade in salons. In addition, our blog covers some of the problems to look for and the differences between professional hairdressing scissors.

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