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​5 Handle Options For Your Next Beauty Shear

Posted by B. Riggins on

The fax about your shear handles

There are three general types of design with a cutting handle and a couple of variations compared to those you should know before buying your next pair of beauty shears.

1. The opposite handle is the oldest and least ergonomically correct design. The problem with this design is that it forces the thumb under the ring finger, creating a huge amount of stress and pressure on the nerves and tendons.

2. Shear makers have realized that moving the thumb forward was a more ergonomically correct way to make a shear and that the "offset" handle was created. Better, but not yet the best from an ergonomic point of view.

Kenchii crane grip shears

3. Then the "complete shift" or "crane grip" was developed. Move your thumb under the ring finger below the index finger.

This releases all the pressure and stress exerted on the nerves and tendons of the hand and thumb. A lot of our Kenchii beauty shears are made with the Crane handle. Also note that we do not use screws on the finger rests, as they tend to fall. Ours are part of the cut ... one less thing to worry about. 

Our Kenchii Blackjack duo set has the perfect crane handle for those looking for comfort and control. It is a black shear with our level 1 Japanese molybdenum steel. Great for new barbers or stylist with wrist and hand pains.

Black shear set

Beauty Shear with swivel thumb

4. Envy Vibe swivel thumb Kenchii shear is far superior to any other rotary shear thanks to our patented handle design that allows the stylist to have more contact with the shear, offering incredible comfort, control when cutting and is accurate.

The Kenchii Envy Vibe swivel thumb allows the hand, wrist, arm and shoulder to be in a more natural position, which translates into hours of comfortable cutting and less pain and fatigue associated with the use of a more traditional cut or a swivel shear. 

Without our Kenchii handle.

5 Handle Options For Your Next Beauty Shear

Swivel shear advantages

The doll begins to bend, with the fingers towards the floor. Here's how to cut all day with a non-adjustable shear.

Now, as the shear rotates, your wrist becomes straight, your shoulder and elbow fall off and you are now in a more natural cutting position.

All stress and pressure are relieved with the correct alignment of nerves and tendons.

Slider shears

With a non-adjustable shear, start with your wrist bent and your hand toward the body. With our patented Kench beauty shear, you can rotate the scissors ... lock your middle finger against our Kenchii handle and straighten your wrist.

Now it is in a more natural cutting position. All stress and pressure are relieved with the correct alignment of nerves and tendons.

Notches / plot

Instead of bending the hand in an unnatural position, just close the middle finger against the handle of the shear and point the thumb towards the tip of the blades. The wrist will be straight, putting you in a very comfortable cutting position.

5. The Kenchii Shape Swifter have a slider that adds more comfort ... The sliding / swivel thumb allows even greater freedom of movement for unmatched control and comfort.

5 Handle Options For Your Next Beauty Shear

Relieve stress and tension in your hand.

They are forged with a hand-welded construction in 2 pieces per blade to ensure excellent balance, excellent control and correct blade alignment. Combined with the comfort of our Shape Swifter handle, these beauty shears are an excellent choice for the professional stylist and are different from any other swivel shear on the market.

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