6 Signs Your Beauty Hair Shears Need A New Sharpening

6 Signs Your Beauty Hair Shears Need A New Sharpening

Published by Brent Riggins on 26th Aug 2019

Sharp hair shears are an essential tool for stylists, hairdressers and barbers. They can help you grow a customer base and a reputation that could lead you to great things.

However, if you want your beauty shears to work for you continuously, you need to know how to take care of them, and the key to that is knowing what the signs of hair scissors are.

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When is it time to spend in those hair cutting shears

1.Hair scissors do not cut well, if you have cut with them for a while and suddenly, they don’t feel good, then it is time to see what happens. Clean the blades and pins first and apply some oil. Then adjust the voltage. If they still do not work as they should, it may be time to make them sharper.

2.If you are blunt or straight cutting the hair, you will discover that your hair will move away. This is generally something attributable to the shears that must be sharpened. Sharp scissors will not push the hair when cutting.

3.If you are slip cutting the hair, pull it and grab it. This can make a haircut a very unpleasant experience for your clients and is usually due to the fact that the shears are opaque or have not been sharpened correctly to cut slides.

4.Only a few haircuts are enough for the beauty scissors to start fading. The last time sharpening is often responsible for this kind of problem. After sharpening, your shear should last almost as long as it originally was when it was new. If it fades quickly after buying it for the first time, it could be badly done and it is not worth spending even more.

If, on the other hand, it lasted a long time when you first obtained it, but only a short time after it was sharpened, you probably did not sharpen it correctly.

If it is able to hold and cut edges when it is new, with the correct sharpness, it will last even longer when it is sharpened.

5.Cutting hair looks "crispy." The cause of this is often a notch or notches in the blades. You should sharpen the shears with a notch as soon as you know it is there. If you have performed the maintenance and feel crunchy, it is a sign that those who did the service did not do it correctly.

6.When hair cutting blades begin to fade, the cut itself is much more laborious: getting sharp blades is the answer to avoid this kind of tension.

Bonus: If you drop your shears you will need sharping. Learn more about taking care of dropped shears  

Send them in fast 

As soon as you notice one of these signs, it makes sense to send your shears in to get sharpened. A certified sharpener like Kenchii offers a complete service, from solving problems to blades to restoring blades to their factory conditions.

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