Guide To Help With Using Thinning Scissors For Hair

Guide To Help With Using Thinning Scissors For Hair

Published by B.Riggins on 19th Dec 2019

Hairdressers use a variety of cutting tools to create hairstyles or cut hair. A common tool for cutting hair is the thinning scissors that are designed to thin the volume of the hair. Thinning scissors are designed in much the same way as scissors, except that they have sharp blades that look like miniature combs.

Designed to eliminate volume by thinning the hair strands, they are also designed to shape the look without significantly changing the basic hairstyle. If someone has a bob haircut but wants most of their hair to become thinner, the thinning scissors are the tool to use.

At this point, it must be said that thinning scissors should only be used by an authorized hairdresser who understands the best use of this specialized hair cutting tool.

In most cases, thinning scissors are not compatible with curly, enveloping or curly curls

Thinning scissors, except for some very rare cases, should not be used for curly, kinky or naturally frizzy hair. If thinning inappropriately, the natural texture can be modified so that the control of curls, coils or natural folds is elusive.

While thinning scissors or texturizer scissors, as some hairdressers call them, can reduce swelling in well-thought hair, it is not appropriate for any type (thin / thin, medium, thick, super thick) or hair texture (straight , wavy, curly, crepe, extra curly).

One of the best advantages of thinning scissors when used carefully on the correct type and structure of hair is that it can help melt the hair through the layers, reducing sharp edges or excessive waving.

Thinning scissors are not the best in straight strands

Obviously, thinning scissors are not suitable for thin, thin or smooth hair. The reason why thinning scissors don't work well on straight hair is because this texture shows every line or brand that makes a haircut. 

Scissors can leave real marks on the hair, which are thin, thin and smooth. Read more

For some reason, thinning scissors are more popular with some hairdressers than others. Furthermore, in some parts of the country, thinning scissors are used much more freely in men's haircuts than in women's style. Thinning Scissors For Hair

Use of thinning shears

It is better to allow an authorized hairdresser to thin your strands. Most hairdressers combine scissors with a comb while working on their hair. Thinning scissors should never be used directly along the roots of the hair. The hairdresser must leave a 2 to 3 "gap between the roots before using scissors on the wires.

The thinning scissors are held at an angle of 45 degrees and carefully directed down the lock of hair in a sliding motion with cuts along the hair.

 Thinning Scissors For Hair

Dry haircut

Many hairdressers have difficulty cutting their hair when they are dry. They prefer to cut their hair when they are wet or wet. Thinning scissors should never be used on dry hair.

Wet or wet braids tend to clump together, which means that when the shear slides along the hair shaft, it can eliminate too thick. Thinning scissors should move through the hair only at the end of a cut when the hair is dry and is used to shape or fine-tune the original haircut.

When scissors are used in the lower half of the hair, they have the result of raising the roots. Why thinning scissors should never be used for curly, kinky, or fizzy hair? Read more.

If the client does not know how to properly shape their hair, their hair may become fuzzy or excessively curly after leaving the salon.

Get the right balance with the scissors

One of the biggest challenges of using thinning scissors is to get a good balance between cut hair. The key is to make sure it is not removed too much or too little. Thinning scissors should only be used a few times a year and not during each haircut.

Experts suggest that they should be used to thin the hair only once or twice to prevent the hair from becoming unbalanced in consistency and fullness.

If your hair becomes too thin, the result will be straight or flat. Hair can also become so light that it is actually spongy and difficult to comb properly. Hair needs time to recover from a slimming cut and regrow.

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