How to Thin Hair Using Thinning Shears

How to Thin Hair Using Thinning Shears

16th Dec 2019

Use the right hair scissors

Thinning should not be done with any pair of hair scissors. On the contrary, it requires special thinning scissors.

These have a normal blade and a notched blade, so less hair is removed at each cut.

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How to Thin Hair Using Thinning Shears

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Before talking about thinning your hair, it is important to lay the groundwork. To start, use a comb or your fingers to separate the hair into sections. A comb will provide a more defined finished look, but the fingers will be softer.

Hair Clip

Use the hair clips to hold the sections in place until you are ready to work with them.

Start At The Bottom

Start by cutting off the furthest sections of your crown. Save the highest levels last.

Snip Upward  

Hold a subsection firmly in your hand and prepare to cut the section halfway between the end of the hair and the scalp. At no time during the thinning process, you should place your hair scissors near the scalp.

With the scissors tilted toward the ceiling, cut the hair section in half.


Instead of closing the scissors throughout the section of the fasteners in your hand, remove the scissors once you have cut approximately half of the section. 

Then turn the scissors so that they point toward the floor. Scroll down the remaining half of the section. This up and down cutting technique helps make the finished product look even and natural.

Hair Comb

How to Thin Hair Using Thinning Shears

While you work, comb your hair regularly. If the newly trimmed section still does not resemble what you are looking for, repeat the process in that area before moving on to the next one.

Move To The Ends

As you complete the lower layers of hair and move towards the upper layers, move the cuts down and down on the hair stems. When you reach the outermost layer of hair, you should use scissors to lose weight only at the ends of the hair.

Otherwise, you run the risk of finishing the blocks you just want to resist. Repeat monthly Weight loss should be done sporadically. For best results, use scissors to lose weight only once a month. Otherwise, you run the risk of thinning the strands too much and you may end up with hair that is not placed correctly.

Consider Professional Work

Thinning your own hair at home can be tricky. If you don't feel completely comfortable with how to thin hair, it's okay to leave this job to a professional stylist.

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