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Righty Shears

Kenchii Professional shears for right-handed use. Kenchii has an excellent reputation for providing professional beauty shears for right handed hairdressers and barbers at a great price.

Our shears are perfect for professionals on a tight schedule, you will find that these shears don’t have to be sharpened more than once or twice a year and, with the convex edge, the cut will be sharp and fast. They are also comfortable to keep in your hands for long periods of time.

  • Kenchii Amoré set.
    lei 1.321,78 lei 763,22

  • Bat Shear
    lei 8.506,28

  • C10 - Black Swarovski Crystals in Sterling Silver Shears
    lei 4.242,48

  • C11 - Crystal Encrusted Sterling Silver Shear
    lei 6.822,08

  • Cobra Shear
    lei 9.359,04

  • D-Cross Shear
    lei 7.035,27

  • Dragon Shear
    lei 19.165,78

  • Enigma Set
    lei 1.065,95

  • Kenchii Vibe swivel 5.5-inch scissor.
    lei 592,67

  • Envy Vibe Swivel 6-inch stylist scissor.
    lei 592,67

  • Kenchii Epic Dry Cut 8.5-inch.
    lei 2.771,47

  • Evolution 5.5" straight scissor with 46-tooth thinner and black KEO 6-scissor case.
    lei 2.703,25 lei 2.287,10

  • Kenchii Evolution 5.5-inch offset handle hair cutting scissor.
    lei 1.270,61

  • Kenchii Evolution 6-inch offset handle hair cutting scissor.
    lei 1.270,61

  • Evolution 7.0-inch Hair Shear
    lei 1.270,61

  • Kenchii Flower-d Japanese steel scissor - front.
    lei 5.521,62

  • Flower-S Straight Shear
    lei 5.521,62

  • Hearts on Fire set including 5.5-inch or 6.0-inch Hearts on Fire scissor, ceramic nylon bristle brush, 4-pack Kenchii Power Clips, and purple faux ostrich case.
    lei 1.424,11 lei 1.135,88

  • Hybrid 5.5-inch Silver Handled Shear
    lei 4.050,61 lei 2.980,40

  • Hybrid 6.0-inch Silver Handled Shear
    lei 4.050,61 lei 2.980,40