Limited Edition: Ribbon™ Series 7.0" Hair Shears

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  • Ostrich Faux Leather 6-shear Case, Purple
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The Ribbon series is one of Kenchii Professional's original bests! This true convex shear is made from our superior level 3 material for fine finish work. The custom handle and assembly will add sparkle to your collection and the unmatched smoothness of the cut will have you reaching for the Ribbon every time!

Model Information

Model: KERS Ribbon (KERB)
Straight: 5.5" (KERB55), 6.0" (KERB6), or 7.0" (KERB7)

Case: KEO6 Purple (included)

Model Details

Handle: Offset
Edge: Convex
Material: Level 3
Assembly: Custom Rose Gold Ribbon-Shaped Assembly with Purple Jewels.
Recommended for: Dry, Wet, or Point Cutting.