Shinobi 8.0"

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The Shinobi line of shears provides an exceptionally smooth cut. The handle is designed for maximum comfort.
This is a medium weight shear that is forged by the best Japanese steel for durability and strength.

Enjoy using the semi-convex edge that offers exceptional performance that will cut, slide, point cut and slide through your hair easily.

Model Information

Model: KESHL Shinobi (left-handed)
Straight: 8.0", 9.5"
Curved: 8.0", 9.5"
Thinner: 21T (7.5" total length) 36T (total length 6.5")

Model: KESH Shinobi (right-handed)
Straight: 7.0", 8.0", 9.0"
Curved: 7.0", 8.0", 9.5"
Thinner: 21T (7.5" total length) and 32T, 36T, 46T (total length 6.5")

Model Details

Handle: Offset
Edge: Semi-convex
Material: Level 3
Assembly: External
Recommended for: Everyday, Finishing