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  • Kenchii Orka 35-tooth cobalt thinner.

Orka 35-tooth Cobalt Thinner

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Product Description

The Orka thinner line is a highly recommended tool used by platform artists. The Orkas blend and texturize without leaving any visible lines. Try the 35T for fine thinning and blending, and the 10T or 14T for weight removal and texturizing.

Model Information

Model: KEOR
Straight: N/A
Thinner: 10T, 14T, 35T (Total Length 6.0")

Model Details

Handle: Offset
Edge: Convex
Material: Level 4
Assembly: Internal

Product Videos

kenchii14tooth 01:49

Kenchii Professional feature: 14 Teeth Texturizing Shears. Featuring Romell Regulacion. Information on Orka, Envy Phantom, Lefty Matrix, Evolution. Texturizing Techniques. Music of Razed In Black.

  • kenchii14tooth
    Kenchii Professional feature: 14 Teeth Texturizing Shears. Fe...

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