Karma 5.5-inch Hair Shear

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The Karma by Kenchii Professional radiates a refined blend of expertise, elegance, luxury, and precious materials. The Karma is an imposing cutting tool developed with shear passion. The sophisticated signature assembly adds a design element uncommon to the salon industry. Offset handle with anatomical thumb is comfortable for most hands. The level 4 material is the finest alloy offered in Kenchii Professional's line of hair tools. The strength and durability of a level 4 shear are unmatched.

Model Information

Model: KEKA Karma
Straight: 5.5", 6.0", 7.0"
Thinner: 30T Double Thinner (Total Length 6.0")

Model Details

Handle: Offset
Edge: Convex
Material: Level 4
Assembly: Custom Internal