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What You Need To Know About The Different Types of Styling Shears

Posted by Brent Riggins on

The using hair shears is an art for a hairdresser. To achieve great styles, a hairdresser must use the best quality scissors. With a length of 5 to 7 inches and with a finger appendage, a shear gives you additional control when cutting hair. With the help of different types of scissors, an artist can create a unique style and give it an attractive appearance.

Types of hair cutting blades:

Blade with beveled edges:

This type of blade is the lightest due to the mixture of metals used in it. If you are an amateur or a beginner, the beveled edge blade is the best for you. It gives the best results especially for cutting hair.

Convex blade:

The convex blade is also known as a "Japanese-style blade" by its edge. It has an edge similar to a razor and is more suitable for experienced hairdressers.

Convex blades are made of stainless steel and are much heavier and more expensive than blades with beveled edges. The use of convex blade scissors requires complete care and attention as these blades penetrate.

This artistic tool shows the magic of the hairdresser by completely changing the styles of the clients or making changes that give them an attractive appearance.

The different types of shears used by hairdressers are the following:

Hair Thinner Shears:

Thinning shears are ideal for thinning hair and giving a texture to the tips. To create volume in the hair, hairdressers use this type of cut. The better the cutting quality, the better the results.

Straight Razor:

For some of the hairdressers, razors or combs are very comfortable to use and control. Fans should avoid using this type of cut since it is sharp and can injure the hand.

Left-handed hear shears:

For all left-handed hairdressers, this left-handed instrument plays an important role in their lives. Left-handed professionals should not commit to combing, as there is a wide range of left-handed shears available in the market.


Hair clippers are generally used for men's hairstyles. For short and military haircuts, Clippers can be used as well as possible, as they provide a very detailed and clean appearance. To use a cutter, you must have a lot of experience, otherwise it could end in a complete disaster.


They’re easy to use and almost all families have it. It is used to clean the edges or make adjustments in short haircuts. For an expert hairdresser, quality is what matters most. Selecting a good pair of shears can take a while, but it offers the best results and satisfies its customers. Your control over your scissors must be strong to give a smooth, clean and flawless haircut as promised. An experienced professional knows what type of cutting handle to use for excellent results:

Crane Handles:

Thanks to the inclined thumb and the long handle, the crane handle provides less pressure on the wrist.

Opposite Handles:

Hairdressers who cut with the thumb and the middle use this type of grip since it is made in the most symmetrical way.

Compensated Handles:

The displaced handle is more suitable for people who cut with the thumb and ring finger.

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