Japanese Hair Shears VS German Shears

Japanese Hair Shears VS German Shears

Published by B. Riggins on 13th Feb 2020

It is time! You know you can't put it off anymore!

It's time to buy the perfect hair shears to take your hairdresser skills to the next level. But the options are endless and there are so many considerations!

Why is it so expensive?

Why is it so cheap when it looks the same?

Should I buy a Japanese shear or a German shear?

What is the difference between offset and regular?

Do I need a swivel thumb?

Is it true that color is often used to cover low-cost steel?

Fear no more, we have come to your rescue!

We will answer these questions below. It is impossible to know just by looking at an image of the scissors what the quality will be without taking them, feeling them and trying them for a while.

But there are some important differences that you should know that will help you make a more informed decision about buying scissors online. We are experts in hairdressing scissors and we love to make sure that the tools you buy are the best.


There are many Japanese scissors manufacturers in the hairdressing sector. But Kenchii Beauty is well know, and produce the best quality scissors at affordable prices.

Most Japanese scissors are an excellent choice if you are making many cuts for women, as they are designed to have a sharper convex edge for cutting and cutting.

Japanese steel is considered the best quality scissor steel in the world.

Colored scissors

Manufacturers are said to color steel to hide any imperfections, but this is far from true. Consider this broken urban myth!

The truth is, it is easier to make a piece of low-quality steel beautiful and shiny than to apply a high-quality coating.

Barber hair scissor

In cheap and colorful scissors, the coating will look very inconsistent. Many Japanese factories have their shears coated in the same factories as the major watchmakers, which leads to a high-quality, long-lasting coating on their new pair of scissors.

And of course they are fantastic!

Offset scissors

If you are new to the hair styling, don't let anyone sell you scissors that are not compensated, but have what is called an "opposite" handle.

An opposite view is the reason why many hairdressers today suffer from repetitive strain injuries (RSI), since the angle at which you will have to hold your finger and thumb is not natural.

The scissors with offset handles have finger and thumb rings directly aligned with each other. The moved handles have the thumb ring in front of the ring.

A displaced scissor is ergonomically better than one with offset handles, because the thumb closes more naturally aligned with the index finger than with the ring finger.

Therefore, the more the thumb is in the scissors, the more natural the action and the less tension in the arm. In addition, the lower the elbow, the lower the tension on the shoulder, which could prevent serious long-term injury.

There are several angles of offset scissors, but most Japanese manufacturers tend to have very similar grip styles. Scissors made in Germany tend to have fewer displacements and may not feel comfortable. When the scissors are in hand for many hours a day, comfort is paramount.


The German shear is the oldest scissors in the industry. That experience is evident in its scope and reputation.

However, German scissors are not necessarily for everyone. They often have offset handles, or their displacement is very small, and many do not feel very comfortable, which is a problem if you will use scissors in the coming years.

Although they have the hardest steel of any other brand, they are generally designed with a very robust edge. It's great if you're a barber and do scissors in the comb most of the time.

Some cheaper models can be an excellent choice of scissors even for the most experienced barber, as the grooves offer a lot of grip and help keep the scissors cutting well even when they finally begin to chamfer.

If you work in a women's solan cutting all day, hair shears for you but they have a price. For scissors capable of cutting and sliding, you will need a pair of scissors in the Gold range or higher.

German steel is of excellent quality and is the hardest steel in the industry.

Rotating thumb scissors

Swivel Thumb Shears

If you have RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome, you may need to check your thumb scissors. The swivel stepped design of the thumb offers a superior position of the thumb / finger that will reduce hand fatigue and, therefore, pain and frustration.

Rotating thumb scissors are systematically recommended as the best type for technicians with RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome and to prevent further injury and pain.

Left and right handed hair shears

Does it matter which scissors you choose if you are left or right handed? If it does! A right hand scissor has the finger blade in the front when it is in the hand. If you put it in your left hand, the blade of your finger will be on the back.

A scissor for the left hand is a mirror image of a scissor for the right hand and the finger blade will be on the front blade when it is in the left hand.

A left-handed hairdresser who uses scissors for his right hand had to learn to hook his thumb and pull the ring to match the blades to cut the scissors correctly. This often causes pain, fatigue and lesions in the carpal tunnel.

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