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How To Texturize Hair

Posted by Brent Riggins on

Texturize Your Hair With The Right Hair Shears

Hairdressers are a luxury and when you visit one, you expect them to cuddle you and make you feel at ease.

It is normal for a salon to offer massages and other forms of relaxation as part of your style or color package these days, and you can also expect a coffee or tea while waiting for the new hair color to be treated.

However, all this hospitality has its price and from the moment you enter, you are about to pay more than the cost of a cut or color.

Style cuts or haircuts that involve many levels and textures add time to service and cost. You can save some money and travel in the classroom by learning how to texturize your hair.

What is the consistency of the hair?

The hair cut with a blunt technique does not seem interesting and unnatural. To prevent this from happening, hairdressers use a variety of hair weaving techniques to add more interest and movement to a style. 

In this context, the texture is used to describe the way the hair was cut. Hair that has been cut into hairy, wavy or feathered layers is more structured than hair cut in parallel.

Equipment for hairdressers

If you want to weave your hair, you can't do it without the right equipment.

Hair shears, of course, are the most important element on this list, but you can't just take a pair and start cutting.

Hairdressers use specially designed hair shears because they are ergonomic, very sharp and of the right size to work with hair.

The most common household scissors, such as those used for sewing or working in the kitchen, are simply not able to cut hair and cause more problems than are worth. The best way to texturize hair with the best results is to use the shears used by hairdressers.

Kenchii offers quality hair shears for less than $150. While hairdressers spend a lot more on their scissors, they need a set strong enough to withstand use for hours a day, every day.

For the home, where hair is probably only cut once a month, the cheapest hairdressing scissors will give you excellent results.

Hair shears against straight razers

Instead of shears, you may prefer to use a razor depending on the type of style you want to create.

Scissors are used to weave hair using specific techniques and can provide a greater variety of texturing. However, a razor tends to texturize the hair by default, creating more uniform results when straightening and thinning hair while being cut. This gives you less control over texturing, but it's a simpler process.

If you plan to use a hairdressing razor to weave your hair, it's pretty inexpensive to buy.

Kenchii razor blades must be purchased separately and replaced when they are opaque. Depending on the intensity with which you use the blade and the thickness of your hair, you can use the blade for more than one haircut. They are inexpensive to buy and you don't have to worry about sharpening Kenchii blades when you use them.

Texturing techniques

There are many different techniques that can be used to texturize hair. Each technique requires that you use shears in a specific way to shape your hair, which leads to a result that can be seen by too many and many layers, to a soft style with feathers.

Point Cutting

Points cutting are a finishing technique used to shape the ends of the hair.

It involves taking sections of hair and cutting with scissors upright in the direction of the hair to cut small pieces of hair.

This leads to a softer result because the layers do not seem to end like a blunt edge. The degree of the effect you want to achieve is determined by the angle of your scissors. For a more evident consistency, use the scissors at an angle up to 45 degrees, taking care to cut only small pieces at a time.

A thicker corner is used to obtain a cut in mixed layers.

If you prefer a subtle effect, you can keep the scissors straight, creating softer styles. This method still eliminates excess volume and helps the hair feel better without being dull and difficult to comb.

Even if you have a straight strip, a small thin spot can help you improve your appearance without taking away style's value. To use the cut of dots for a better effect, if you have a shorter hairstyle, apply the technique in everything to weave the hair and improve its appearance. For longer styles, use the punctual cut to soften the fringe and the lower layers of your hair.