How And When To Use You Blenders and Thinning Scissors

How And When To Use You Blenders and Thinning Scissors

Published by B. Riggins on 27th Jan 2020

When do you use a combined cut compared to a straight cut? If your goal is to eliminate weight quickly and easily, work smarter and pick up the mix cut.

What is a thinning scissor?

blending or thinning shear generally has equidistant teeth on one side and a straight bevel blade on the other. It is used to eliminate weight and yes, to melt hair.

How do you use a blending shears?

We have heard of many stylists who use their cut to cut the full and complete cut, especially in men and women with shorter hair. The scissors in the comb are a breeze with a blending shear and the time saved along with the textured end result is worth it.

There are many techniques that can be done with a combined cut.

They discover that many stylists are aware of a single casting technique (going through a cutting section), many are really unaware of the versatility that a fusion of cutting can offer.

The two techniques shown in this video are perfect for extracting weight without too much effort and without aggressive layers on long hair.

Never allow a shear to control it in terms of the amount of hair that will be removed. Find out how the right technique and the positioning of your right hand keep you in control of how much weight you would like to eliminate!

Kenchii offers two types of shears or thinning shears to choose from, depending on the final result you want to obtain:

Professional blending shears.

The 42-tooth radial model eliminates all smooth lines. Perfect for extracting weight and adding controlled consistency.

Ideal for scissors in comb techniques. 

The double palm rest allows you to rotate the scissors for all cutting positions.

Sanding by hand with 100% Japanese molybdenum alloy for strength and durability. Hand-made convex blades start sharper and keep the edge longer than the machine's beveled blades.

Reversible mixer scissors of the Essential series. 30 teeth to eliminate mild to moderate weight in the hair.

Designed to extract weight and check consistency. Ideal for creating softer edges and removing small amounts of hair.

Two-finger brackets allow you to change the cutting position by rotating the shears.

Convex blades offer the softest and strongest cut available:

These types of blades are the same as our Signature series scissors.

Curly hair is the only type of hair that will not benefit from most techniques that use scissors to blend.

A blender scissor probably softens the ends of curly hair: the weight is necessary for the formation of soft curls.

Click here for more information on how to cut curly hair.

Watch the video and always remember to have a different way of thinking and doing things in your head to change things behind the chair!

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