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Everything You Need You Hair Shears To Have

Posted by Brent Riggins on

The Perfect Shear Will Have These Things

Every hair artist needs a perfect shear to create beautiful hair styles, but it's not as easy as it seems. The professional hairdresser's abilities can’t shine if they are working with a poor pair of hair shear. The efficiency and comfort of the professional hair stylist is at stake, so here are some tips you can use when selecting a shear for you.

The importance of the right shear

The selection of the perfect hair shear depends on the cutting style you are using. For example, smaller shears, from 4.5 "to 5", are suitable for precise cuts and styles.

The longer scissors, from 5.5 "to 7", are perfect for simple cuts and finishes. This is how you can choose the hair scissors with the correct length, you can measure the blade against the palm and the middle.

The same size blades as your hand are more suitable for you. There is also another factor to think about: most scissors have a protective layer of chrome or nickel; You may have an allergy, so this is also important.

Shape of the shear

The shape is an important aspect of selecting a shear. A shear should be an easy palm and should not cause fatigue and discomfort. Traditionally there are 3 forms of scissors; Classic, offset and crane.

In the classic form, both blades are the same. Offset shears have a thumb ring and an angled handle area. The crane scissors have a straight upper blade and a thumb ring slightly downwards.

The shear cut

Serrated scissors can provide a straight cut, but you should not use them to cut slides or cut hair because the results will be undesirable. Scissors with a convex edge are very sharp and can cut hair like a hot knife through butter. They are perfect for cutting and cutting slides.

Palming shears

For vertical or straight cutting, the shears must be held vertically, so the shear displacement shape will be perfect. A long or blunt cut, the fingers should be far away, so even offset shears are suitable for these cuts.

When it is necessary to handle the cut at deep points, it is necessary to have high elbows and the best shears for this cut will be straight shears. Narrow-tipped scissors are perfect for complex cuts and clean lines. Longer scissors are more suitable for excessive comb cuts.

Shear Sharpness

After selecting the scissors based on the above information, the next thing to ask is how often you should sharpen your hair scissors. Opaque scissors can tear and damage the client's hair. So how often should you sharpen your scissors?

It depends on how much you use the scissors and the type of cuts you make.

In general, all shears should be repaired at least once a year by specialized service personnel. Proper care and lubrication of shears also play a role in keeping them at a high level. You can use the information above to explore Kenchii Beauty store and choose your favorite scissors.

You will need all the different ways to make sure you can provide your customers with the cut or lining they want.

Go ahead and start shopping!