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Cutting Your Beard Should You Use Clippers Vs. Hair Shears

Posted by Brent Riggins on

Cutting Your Beard Hair Shears Vs Clippers

Hair Shears For The Beard

Cutting your beard is scary. Especially when you have fascinated all the embarrassing phases to reach that special length.

Needless to say, you don't want to do it. That said, cutting your beard is absolutely necessary. Even if you are looking for a longer beard, split ends inhibit healthy growth and make your beard look thin and untreated.

If you don't go long, you can simply decide that you want to try a certain style that requires you to shape your beard. Once you can convince yourself that it is time to cut, then the next big question / decision comes to the table. How will you do it and what tools will you use?

The tools are simple, but complex in their sense. The hair clippers are available in different shapes, sizes and powers. Not to mention the fact that they have many clips and additional protections that you should classify. Scissors are a much simpler tool. 

However, quality cannot be overlooked when used in your beautiful beard. A good pair of scissors can ruin a beard cut. If the handle breaks or the blades become dull, you may get stuck in the middle of an unfinished beard.

What grooming tool should you use on your beard?

Each instrument has its pros and cons. It is probably a good idea to set your goals for what you want your beard to look like after the cut. Also consider your level of experience with both tools before jumping the gun.


Clippers have grown in popularity among barbers.

For many men who wear facial hair, it is a quick, effective and painless way to finish off wear and keep their appearance in order.

Although fast and easy, the use of nail clippers also increases the chances of ruining it. It takes a smaller spasm or a muscle contraction to cut too many beard hairs. A simple mistake can quickly lead to a completely shaved face.

If you are swinging a short beard (corporate) or a stubble style, don't even worry about taking the scissors out of the drawer.

Especially if your beard style is all one length. With the hair clipper you have the opportunity to slap a blade protector that meets your needs and simply go through the beard.

You can also use tweezers to reduce the length of the beard.

For example, if you want to keep your beard stretched, you will probably have to sharpen the pins in the lower half of the cheek.

If you are looking for the appearance of the hard line, simply remove the trimmer protection and cut the line with a downward motion.

Bath hair shears are for men who have a little more to lose when it comes to beard cutting errors. It is a bit difficult to have a lot of trouble when cutting the beard with scissors. This does not mean that it cannot be done.

Scissors still require caution and patience. With a sharp pair of quality grooming scissors, you can take off your beard as much as you want and get the shape you want. The scissors are also ideal for hitting the rebel tips that grow horizontally from the face.