Cut Your Own Bangs With Your Own Shears

Cut Your Own Bangs With Your Own Shears

Published by Kenchii Beauty on 10th Sep 2019

Let's be honest. No one wants to pay money just to cut the bangs. For such a small part of your hair in general, the front area is certainly the easiest place to start learning to cut your hair. Learning to cut your shots starts with the knowledge of the type of shots you want.

Do you want to cross your bangs, or do you want the side bangs?

How long do you want them to be long or short?

Set the desired appearance because this will determine how to cut your hair to achieve the desired effect.

To cut your bangs, you will first need 5 items:

Hair shears to cut the hair (for straight bangs) or shaver for hairstyles (for side fringes), fine tooth comb, hair clips, Blade Glide (for shaver)) and a mirror.

It is important to have good quality cutting tools.

Remember, having an opaque blade will damage the ends of your hair by pulling and essentially tearing them instead of creating a clean cut on the strand. A fine tooth comb is important to cut the bangs to.

Straight bang hair style

This cut will be done on dry hair. After deciding how long (or short) you want your bangs to be, take the section of your existing bangs and brush in front.

Cut the hair that will not be cut so that it does not get in the way while cutting it.

Using the fine-toothed comb, measure from the arch of the eyebrow to the highest point of the forehead. Do it on the other side of the head with the other eyebrow.

It must form a triangle (see image). Comb the hair that will not be cut and cut it with the rest of the hair. Make sure you don't include too much hair for your bangs. It is best to start conservatively so that you can have a good idea of how much cut is right for you. Use common sense.

Combine the blows that must be cut forward. Take all your photos with one hand and push them forward so that they are 90 degrees (perpendicular) to the head. Pull your hand forward so that only a little hair comes out of your fingers.

Take the scissors and cut the ends by cutting them in a straight line. Start conservatively because you can always come back and cut more.

If you cut too much, you can't hang your hair. Now release your bangs and see how they are. If they are still too long, repeat the process by cutting more this time. Repeat these steps until you reach the desired result.

If your strands are quite thick, you might want to remove some weight from your hair by taking the top of the fringe (using the comb to separate it) and pulling that section of the hair forward with your fingers again. This time take the scissors and cut the stitches. 

This means that, instead of cutting parallel to the fingers, cut perpendicularly to the fingers to cut the hair (towards the fingers). Make sure you don't cut yourself.

Side bangs

A razor for hairstyles (see image below) is highly recommended for the side fringe because it is better to create a feathery appearance in a single pass.

If you use scissors, they will create stronger cuts in your hair and your hair will not fall out like Haircutting Styling Razor - How to cut your bangs. In addition, with a razor for hairstyles, you can keep the blades sharp as they are disposable.

Once again, you'll want to get a good quality razor because you don't want to tear your hair or tear it. You want me to leave clean cuts on each strand of hair so you don't have split ends.

To start, comb the fringe on your face. Pull back the remaining hair and remove it on both sides of the head. Again, measure from the arch of the eyebrow to the hairline and remove the hair that is outside of it and cut them. 

Looking at the fringe, determine how much you want to cut. Take Blade Glide and apply generously on the fringe.

This will soften the hair and protect the life of the razor blade. Holding the fringe between the index and the middle. Keep the fringe at a 45 degree angle from the front.

Take the razor and slowly slide the razor over the hair just above the fingers with a diagonal movement along the fringe. Don't worry, your fingers are safe as there is a blade protection recommended in this article. Make sure you are careful when cutting with a blade. You can always come back and shave more. Also, keep in mind that since the hair is wet, it will dry shorter.

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