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Lefty Thinners

Left-handed people often have difficulty finding thinner shears that work properly. Kenchii has a complete line of left-handed beauty thinner shears that are designed for stylists and barbers who are primary left hand. The angle of the blades and the cutting edges are designed to allow the pressure of the left hand to provide a uniform and professional cut.

Left handed thinners allow the blade closest to you to have a clear view of exactly where both blades are and what you are cutting. Our left-handed thinners allow hair stylist to perform precise cuts.

  • Envy Oasis 37-tooth Lefty Thinner
    kr 1.176,17

  • Flower-D 35-tooth Thinner
    kr 9.072,01

  • Kenchii Matrix 6.5" 14-tooth texturizer.
    kr 3.647,04

  • Kenchii Pink Enigma® 6-inch scissor.
    kr 1.267,35

  • X1 40-tooth Lefty Thinner
    kr 2.726,16