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Kenchii professional hair cutting scissor sets.

Kenchii offers the best selection of cutting sets for hair stylist. Our Japanese hair shear sets are extremely popular among professional stylists. We offer various styles, colors, sizes and handles.

Kenchii beauty shear sets come with tools every hairdresser needs: hair shears, shear thinners, brushes and razors. The tools in these set are made of Japanese steel.

  • Kenchii Amoré set. Scissors for hair cutting
    kr 2.828,94 kr 1.633,48

  • Six inch Blackjack scissor and 4-tooth thinner.
    kr 3.102,70 kr 2.281,40

  • Boar and Nylon Bristle Brush Duo
    kr 492,78 kr 456,19

  • Enigma Set
    kr 2.281,40

  • Evolution 5.5" straight scissor with 46-tooth thinner and black KEO 6-scissor case.
    kr 5.785,63 kr 5.241,74

  • Extra Large Styling Brush kit includes extra large Rapide brush, and extra large ceramic brush.
    kr 547,54 kr 410,56

  • Hearts on Fire set including 5.5-inch or 6.0-inch Hearts on Fire scissor, ceramic nylon bristle brush, 4-pack Kenchii Power Clips, and purple faux ostrich case.
    kr 3.047,95 kr 2.431,06

  • Kenchii Ivy scissor and thinner set.
    kr 5.794,76 kr 5.250,87

  • Kenchii Karma® Set.
    kr 11.206,24 kr 9.773,52

  • Large Brush Kit
    kr 730,05 kr 638,70

  • Large Styling Brush Kit includes large Rapide, and large ceramic brushes.
    kr 511,03 kr 410,56

  • Metal Pin Brush Duo
    kr 456,28 kr 410,56

  • Oasis Shear and Thinner Set, Left-handed
    kr 2.701,18 kr 2.118,96

  • Oasis Shear and Thinner Set, Right-handed
    kr 2.701,18 kr 2.118,96

  • Kenchii Pink Enigma® 3-piece set.
    kr 2.281,40

  • Radiance 5.5" Scissor and Razor Set
    kr 2.728,55

  • Kenchii Radiance 6-inch ring with jewel-encrusted finger ring.
    kr 2.281,40

  • Radiance 6.0" Scissor and Razor Set
    kr 2.728,55

  • Rapide Vent Brush Kit includes large and extra large Rapide Vent brushes.
    kr 565,79 kr 456,19

  • Kenchii Rose set. Shown with 6.0-inch scissor, 30-tooth thinner, and KEL5 red case.
    kr 3.057,08 kr 2.463,91