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Charmer Collection

CHARMER Products are custom works of art hand made to order in Japan. Diamonds and semi-precious stones can be added, changed, or substituted to your request. All enameling is hand painted and enameling colors can be changed at your request. You may design your own CHARMER, truly making it your individual shear. Choose your own cutting edge blade, use a photograph, sketch, or sculpture to submit your desired vision to the Master Artisans in Japan. Let your personality burst through by designing your personal, one of a kind, unique work of Art, and make it your CHARMER, and yours alone.

  • Bat Shear
    US $1,995.00

  • C10 - Black Swarovski Crystals in Sterling Silver Shears
    US $995.00

  • C11 - Crystal Encrusted Sterling Silver Shear
    US $1,600.00

  • Kenchii Charmer Cobra razor front view.

  • Cobra Shear
    US $2,195.00

  • D-Cross Shear
    US $1,650.00

  • Dragon Shear
    US $4,495.00

  • Flower-D 35-tooth Thinner
    US $995.00

  • Kenchii Flower-d Japanese steel scissor - front.
    US $1,295.00

  • Flower-S 30-tooth Thinner
    US $995.00 US $795.00

  • Flower-S Straight Shear
    US $1,295.00

  • S-Cross Shear
    US $1,650.00

  • Scorpion Shear
    US $2,700.00

  • Spider Shear
    US $2,495.00