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  • Evolution 5.5" straight scissor with 46-tooth thinner and black KEO 6-scissor case.
    R$2.539,87 R$2.148,87

  • Kenchii Ivy scissor and thinner set.
    R$2.163,29 R$1.598,43

  • Oasis Shear and Thinner Set, Left-handed
    R$1.185,81 R$930,22

  • Oasis Shear and Thinner Set, Right-handed
    R$1.185,81 R$930,22

  • Slim Iron kit includes ESI450 Pro Slim Iron in black or white, extra large ceramic brush, large ceramic brush, and 4-pack ENV silicone clips.
    R$901,37 R$636,97